HFactor Launches Hydrogen Rich Water


Hydrogen Rich Water is the new must have

Savvy consumers now look well beyond classic nutritional attributes such as vitamins and minerals, and are thirsty for functional beverages, says hydrogen-rich water HFactor.

Founder Gail Levy traveled worldwide and spent years on research to understand the science behind hydrogen-rich water, an industry which continues to grow in Asia thanks to its antioxidant claims. This led her to create HFactor, using labs in Europe and the US to work out how to capture hydrogen at high levels that are efficacious, stable and also maintain the integrity of the water. Levy told BeverageDaily.com HFactor uses a patent-pending manufacturing method to naturally infuse pure hydrogen into water (other hydrogen products are made using magnesium and chemical processes, she added).


How Hydrogen Water is Packaged by HFACTOR

The product is packaged in a special aluminium vessel to keep hydrogen inside (hydrogen is a small and light molecule that can escape through plastic, glass or other bottle materials).“It was a long and arduous process, with many false starts, testing, trial runs,” she said. “The last two years have been filled with intrigue and challenges – certainly an adventure not for the faint of heart.“I was driven the by the research on the potential benefits and the promise that it may help so many people in a natural way.”

Source: ‘The consumer has come a long way from vitamins and minerals’ HFactor launches hydrogen-rich water