HFactor launches line of hydrogen-rich water pouches | FoodBev

HFactor has unveiled its line of hydrogen-rich water in the US, potentially opening up an innovative new water category within the country’s beverage sector.

The product is naturally infused with an optimal level of molecular hydrogen, building upon the growth of the industry in Asia. Produced using a specialized manufacturing method, HFactor has now been made available in retail locations across the US in an aluminium packaging pouch to help maintain the integrity of the water, as the individual hydrogen molecules are too light and small to be contained effectively by conventional materials.

The company has said that HFactor acts as a powerful antioxidant with the potential for therapeutic benefits and enhanced cellular protection. The water could improve athletic performance and recovery; increase energy levels; relieve fatigue, hangovers, allergies, jet lag, skin irritation, inflammation and circulation; among other benefits.

Launched this month, it is available in six packs at a price of $3 each ($18 for the pack).

HFactor founder Gail Levy said: “This is a whole new generation of water, and is the first water that offers a natural alternative to your daily regimen. HFactor hydrogen-rich water is the most functional beverage to come to the health and wellness market in over ten years. It’s time to be good to yourself.”

Source: HFactor launches line of hydrogen-rich water pouches | FoodBev